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Mr. Bean

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (Consett, 6 de Janeiro de 1955) é um ator, comediante e roteirista britânico, Tornou-se mundialmente conhecido pelo carismático personagem Mr. Bean que ele criou e interpretou.

Twitter oficial: @OfficalMrBean

    Did you ever want to say to someone… "If your brain was chocolate, it wouldn't fill an M&M."
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    I never forget a face, but sometimes I'll make an exception.
    2013-06-12 07:05:01

    The closest some people get to a Brainstorm is a Light Drizzle.
    2013-06-12 05:16:39

    Did you ever want to ask someone… "Can I borrow your face a few days while my butt takes a vacation?"
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    Why can’t some people be “puddles” so they could evaporate?
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    Some people are so low... If a grasshopper farted they’d get sand in their eyes.
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    I thought about you all day yesterday… I was at the zoo.
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