Ross Lynch


Programas que participa:

Austin & Ally

Ross Shor Lynch (Littleton, Colorado, 29 de dezembro de 1995) é um cantor, ator, dançarino e instrumentista norte-americano. Ganhou fama por interpretar Austin Moon na série de televisão Austin & Ally do Disney Channel.

Twitter oficial: @rossR5

    @CalumWorthy @lauramarano @Raini_Rodriguez uhhhh
    2013-07-08 16:05:20

    I was in a writing flow too. Haha thanks a lot. “@rydelR5: Me and @rylandR5 giving @rossR5 a little scare 😏💀”
    2013-06-12 00:58:42

    Oh yea “@rydelR5: I wanna see all you party people at our summer gigs! see if we're playing near ya! \m/”
    2013-06-11 18:51:03

    I'm going in!
    2013-06-11 18:24:58

    @_TheR5Circuit_ yep
    2013-06-11 18:07:13

    Back in the studio!
    2013-06-11 17:36:45

    You aren't supposed to know until a year later. “@MaiaMitchell: I let go of my phone for two seconds. Cheers @rossR5”
    2013-06-11 17:35:39

    #GlitterMagazine shoot the other day with @lucasrecupito.
    2013-06-11 17:33:58

    RT @R5ArgentinaFan: LOOK AT THE TREND !!! #R5ersAreProudOfR5 @officialR5 @rossR5 @rikerR5 @rockyR5 @rydelR5 @ratliffR5…
    2013-06-11 17:23:14

    You should... Haha
    2013-06-11 01:19:57

    Left my phone at the house all day and it was nice to not have something buzzing my leg all day. You guys do it. Look around.
    2013-06-11 01:19:32

    RT @EmanuelKiriakou: Writing w @officialR5
    2013-06-10 22:49:53

    Writing some sexy tunes.
    2013-06-10 21:07:21

    2013-06-10 03:12:33

    @ratliffR5 I'm just playing. Love you bro!
    2013-06-10 03:10:56

    @ratliffR5 **
    2013-06-10 03:08:56

    @ratliffR5 no. **
    2013-06-10 03:08:35

    I love doing unorthodox things.
    2013-06-09 21:32:23

    Then we had some slip and slide action! Bomb as heck! All sorts of grass burns and cuts. Mainly from football.
    2013-06-09 21:31:02

    Today's football game was hardcore. @austinallypa took me out!
    2013-06-09 21:29:22

    RT @sofiiaR5: @rossR5 Looooook ,Today we trend in Argentina
    2013-06-09 21:28:24

    @ChristineAL3114 @rockyR5 I like your header.
    2013-06-09 21:28:11

    That was a lot of fun! “@rockyR5: Slippin slides >>>>>>”
    2013-06-09 21:25:15

    Totally meant weather... Auto correct fail...
    2013-06-08 23:53:09

    Just wrapped filming. The whether was weird today. Just a random line of sunlight.
    2013-06-08 23:41:54

    Also our added shows in Paris on July 1st and London July 3rd. Thanks guys!
    2013-06-08 16:06:01

    I should be thanking you guys. Not the other way around. Thanks for being the best support ever! I love you.
    2013-06-08 15:32:55

    Cool! #thankyouross “@Lecx_R5: Sir, I believe you are trending at this very moment. @rossR5 #ThankYouRoss”
    2013-06-08 15:31:45

    @R5Vavou thank you for being you!
    2013-06-08 15:31:23

    @R5hewillbeloved cool.
    2013-06-08 15:30:50