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A atriz, cantora e compositora americana nasceu em 1993. Como atriz é conhecida pelo papel de Megan Parker na série Drake & Josh, e Carly Shay em iCarly.

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    @juju_volpe "Te amo Brazil"
    2015-10-18 19:26:48

    @cosgroveados "Te Amo Beatriz!"
    2014-10-01 20:26:54

    @mirandamyoxygen TE AMO
    2014-08-30 20:49:52

    @BoyOfTheIdol Eu te amo Brasil!
    2013-08-18 03:23:08

    @perfectmirandac eu te amo Lilly
    2013-07-11 04:32:26

    Eu te amo Lilly
    2013-07-10 23:45:31

    Had fun at the Critics' Choice TV Awards tonight :) http://t.co/3x5Wvrqvau
    2013-06-11 01:54:16

    :) http://t.co/b361cA013m
    2013-06-10 17:08:23

    Just posted a photo http://t.co/6VOJk4gvlq
    2013-06-10 10:54:17

    Baby alligator! Thanks to the tarongazoo for the amazing experience http://t.co/YFIsR0HsZ9
    2013-06-10 04:12:06

    Australia is beautiful http://t.co/n6cE4B9wF9
    2013-06-10 03:53:16

    Cutest kids :) http://t.co/wdGZySL6Yf
    2013-06-10 03:46:31

    This koala kissed my cheek :P http://t.co/8EEFrid8Su
    2013-06-10 03:33:19

    Found this picture the other day :P I miss you @nathankress http://t.co/C5Hvqv0F2h
    2013-06-09 17:20:34

    In front of the beautiful Sydney Opera House http://t.co/aapqRFZeLG
    2013-06-09 03:18:38

    RT @queencosgrove: @MirandaCosgrove #RT if u love all your Cosgrovers :}
    2013-06-08 21:15:58

    Can't wait to watch @jennettemccurdy in Sam and Cat tonight :)
    2013-06-08 21:11:47

    @jamesmaslow hahaha nice
    2013-06-07 23:30:34

    Minions! :P http://t.co/WTARwY0Dh9
    2013-06-07 22:16:48

    Heading back to LA today! Thanks so much to everyone in Australia for making the trip so great and to @stevecarell for making me laugh :)
    2013-06-07 19:58:16

    Gonna be co-hosting the @BumpShow in just a few minutes and talking about Despicable Me! Check it out if you get a chance :)
    2013-06-06 06:51:28

    Got to see Despicable Me 2 for the first time last night at the Australian premiere! Loved it! I can't wait for you guys to see it
    2013-06-05 17:49:24

    Packing for Australia #despicableme2 #cantwait
    2013-06-01 21:18:02

    @MirandaMyLove Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one!
    2013-06-01 19:49:44

    @wesley_wessley Happy Belated Birthday! I hope it was awesome :)
    2013-06-01 00:19:57

    Happy Memorial Day!!! :)
    2013-05-27 16:08:29

    My heart goes out to everyone affected by the tornado in Oklahoma
    2013-05-21 20:51:40

    Penelope won't stop growing :P http://t.co/8FGpMceDKO
    2013-05-18 23:35:01

    When you come home to a bag of animal crackers>
    2013-05-16 01:35:32

    @NathanKress thanks Nathan!!! You have no idea how much I miss you too! :)
    2013-05-14 23:03:46